Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Six Months Later....

It was six months ago today that KWNR dismissed me from the morning show. The terms of my contract stated that upon termination, I must sit out from any form of broadcasting in Las Vegas for a period of six months. Today, I'm a free man.

I don't want to sit here and write about any revelations or epiphanies that I've learned over my time on the bench. I'll always believe that KWNR made a bad, bad decision, indefensible in every way. My theory is only backed up by Arbitron ratings, scores of listener e-mails, and reaction from inside of Clear Channel (The company that owns KWNR). I keep in touch with several people there, still, and their reaction hasn't changed; it's not the same.

I look at emerging from six months of a non-compete as akin to emerging from a period of solitary confinement. I've emerged unscathed, perhaps even better for the experience. Only the passing of time will tell. The only other time I was fired from a job when when I was fired from a Ponderosa Steakhouse back in 1982. I didn't agree with that either, but that's not the point. When you are fired from a job, it can really mess with your psyche, with your ego. You were let go because those in charge think that the place can do better without you. It's odd that Clear Channel stuck to the non-compete, as they were the ones to let me go. I didn't walk. On the one hand, I was fired because they didn't want me around. Yet, holding me to a non-compete implies that they felt I would be a threat to them. This was the managerial/corporate structure that we had to deal with.

Today, I am sitting down with some folks who want to bring me into their fold. It's exciting, and it's terrifying. I'm scared to death to accept the responsibility. For the last six months, my only responsibility has been to continue to provide for my family, and assure them that I was fine, and we'd be fine. No mortgage payments were missed, no bills were paid late. I was able to uphold my end of the bargain. Am I ready to accept responsibility again in the workplace? They really want me, but after six months on the shelf, I have a small crisis of confidence whether I can hop back on the bike. I've done a lot of things in radio, but not the job I've been interviewing for. I guess I'd be apprehensive no matter what I would be doing. New jobs always suck when you first start.

Today, I'm a free man. I may be kept by the end of the day.


Todd said...

First of all, I'm dieing to know why you were fired from a steakhouse!! Secondly, I hope your moment of fleeting confidence quickly passed and you got your ass into the meeting. Damn, man, you KNOW you got the skills, bring the goods, and can deliver! CC really messed up by letting you go, and the KWNR ratings back that up. I'm anxious to hear of your next adventure, and send you a HUGE congratulations on getting thru the six months with all mortgage payments made. That in itself is remarkable. Todd Michaels (Country Chuck urged me to come read your post today!)

mitchy said...

Hey Big Shot! Tremendous to hear from you! Regarding the steakhouse, I was wrapping potatoes when I should've been clearing tables. I was thisclose to making fry cook, too! Oh, what might of been.

Thanks for checking the blog out, Todd. Stay in touch!