Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Money For Nothing

I recently read that the Clark County School District spends an estimated $12,500 per student. Per student. Test results continue to run below the national average (which isn't all that impressive in its own right) and it's not like the students are getting any smarter. If the school system is equated to the farm system that a baseball organization has, CCSD is destined for futility on par with the Pittsburgh Pirates. No hope is in sight.

I'm not going to go into great detail about why I think that is, but it just goes to show that money doesn't make you smart. You could hand The Man on The Street $100 and you can be sure he's going to do something stupid with it. He may buy food, but that food will probably be a horrendously overpriced dinner at Postrio. Maybe he'll run down to Rose's Den and buy Powerball tickets. Or maybe he'll stay closer to home and play the Megabucks machine- or the 10-teamer that looks like an absolute lock. You get the point. Opportunity wasted, and you can bet on it.

Like anything else, school is something that takes work, and if the principles (students/teachers) don't want to do the work, it's over. From what I've seen in the CCSD, the teachers are equipped and ready to do the work, while the students sit there and form one giant middle finger. I guess on the bright side, we'll never hear about a dearth of fast food workers. Our french fries are safe.

Anyway, I'm awaiting a check from my dad. Both sets of grandparents did a lousy job of taking care of their personal affairs, and my parents both had the power of attorney function. Weeks of headaches led them to the realization that they didn't want to do this to their kids, so as they get on in years they're spreading their assets around. I really don't know if my parents have a ton of money, but one of my dad's cds (certificates of deposit, for you kids dropping by for a read today) is coming due, and he'll throw that money around to the kids, money I'll happily accept. It eases the burden on my parents and fattens up my accounts. Win, meet Win.

The money won't go toward a cruise. Or a new washer/dryer. Or a remodeling of the kitchen cabinets that the wife has been on me for since I moved into the house. It will probably just be spread around to various investments. I'll get the check and spin it off like a monetary hot potato. Ok, maybe we'll go to Outback Steakhouse, but only during Happy Hour for half-priced appetizers.

I know it's boring and won't stimulate the economy, but as long as it leads to a more comfortable hammock in which to lay in the future, I'll happily grade myself an "A" for the effort. Class dismissed.