Friday, August 21, 2009

Like Ross and Rachel....

I've just been taking a break from this. Everyone seems to take a vacation in August, so I've done the same with this blog. Many a time, I've thought about sitting at the keyboard and hammering out something rife with rapier wit, only to be overwhelmed with indifference minutes later.

I like that I've been getting positive feedback about this page, but that also comes with a small price; Expectations. I'd come to feel that just a small sampling of opinion wasn't sufficient enough. Every entry had to be a column worthy of a leading newspaper or it wasn't worth posting. Thus a lot of potential entries were scuttled (yeah, scuttled. Aargh!). Today, that doesn't matter much. 

Today I'm puzzled as to why stocks continue to rise right along with unemployment (though I'm not complaining). I'm confused as to why leading economic experts say we're seeing an end to the recession when the only signs they're using are that more FORECLOSED HOMES are coming off of the market. Why be optimistic about the future of the economy when the nation's debt is projected to quadruple? Or are we up to quintuple now?

Certainly, if my personal debt was to increase four-fold, I wouldn't describe myself in a better financial state than before- unless I was a complete fool. Yet, somehow, the economy is getting better as the debt grows by leaps and bounds? Kids always have more trouble with math than any other subject. Too bad elected officials seem to struggle most when the subject is Logic.

Ok, back to the cabin.