Monday, June 30, 2008

An Admission of Submission

It's important to realize as you go through life when you're no longer able to do certain things. Realizing your limitations at the correct time can prevent embarrassment and frustration later on. I'm no longer a "night guy". If something starts after 7pm, even if it's a Friday or a Saturday, I'm out. Won't do it. All I'll be thinking about is when I'm going to be in bed watching a ballgame. I can no longer go "clubbing". Not that I ever did that much in the first place, but the thought of being in a loud, sweaty club sipping overpriced drinks while my eardrums prepare to pop has to be in the Top 3 for "Mitch in Hell" scenarios.

Now joining things I think I'm done with: Concerts. Specifically, big arena concerts. Let me explain.

Last weekend, I went with Pumpkin, a friend of hers from her work, and that gal's husband, to the Boston/Styx show at the Thomas and Mack Center. Tickets were cheap ($25) and it was a chance to see a couple of bands I enjoyed growing up. Mind you, the total number of original band members for both bands combined is 3 (out of ten), so it's not 1978 all over again. Still, we went. Pumpkin's a big Boston fan and it was one of those things where you don't know if they're going to come back again or not.

My problem wasn't with the music (Styx was much better) or the noise (it's a concert. It's loud. No big deal). It was with the crowd. Two in the crowd. In what seems like insurmountable odds, I sat behind the two most obnoxious people in an estimated crowd of 9,000. They were a couple of the younger folks in the crowd that numbered parents, granparents, kid, grandkids. I got a kick out of watching folks come and rock out for the first time in who knows when to bands they grooved to 30 years ago. Still, it was the two directly in front of my that set my blood temperature to "boil".

We were in the very last row, way in the back. With the way the stadium seating is at the T&M, there's no need to stand if you're in the back...unless someone is standing directly in front of you. For no reason. And gypsies casting a spell......for three hours. It got to the point where I was thisclose to pulling the guy (it was a guy and a gal) around and knocking his teeth out. I can't remember the last time I came so close to wanting to bash someone's face in. I'm a pretty mellow dude. It got to where I had to excuse myself and go into the concourse to cool off. Otherwise bad things were going to happen. I was going to get my money's worth.

Here's the problem: I don't want to be the guy at the concert yelling "sit down". The two in front of me were having a blast at their seats, and I was the only one they were blocking. They weren't blocking anyone to their sides or in front. Just me. So why was I getting so upset? I don't know. I'm sure through 30 years of going to concerts that I've ruined somebody's good time through my loud and/or drunken behavior. Pumpkin found me on the concourse and we wandered around for a little bit before going back to the seats, allowing me enough time to cool off. I just don't think big concerts are for me anymore. I've seen every band that I like, some multiple times. I've emceed hundreds of country concerts for KWNR. Maybe I'm just to the point now where I don't like large gatherings. I'd much rather have a quiet evening at home, or go out to dinner with a couple of friends than do anything that I know will attract big crowds.

See a big budget blockbuster on Opening Weekend? Oh, hell no. Go to a 51s game on a big giveaway night? Not on your life. As I sit typing this, the TV is off, Maverick is dozing, and it's blissfully quiet. My kinda day.

Are there online concerts? You know, I can buy a ticket and watch it online instead of having to leave the house. I'm sure someone's come up with that idea. Anyway, "concerts" have just been added to the list of things I'm done with, one show too late.

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