Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Introductions are in Order

Well, hi there. Welcome to "Notes from the (S)crapheap, one man's journey through unemployment. Bored yet? Ok, introductions are in order.

My name is Mitch Kelly, and I was recently cut loose from KWNR radio in las Vegas, where I had worked the past 12 years, 10 of those 12 years during the morning show that ran from 5am-10am. My employment there lasted until December 3rd or 2007, when I was pulled off the show at 9:30am and told they were letting me go.

"Too newsy" I was told. It's been more than a month and I still don't know what that means.

In spite of working with six different co-hosts, five different program directors, and three different market managers, it was all of a sudden decided that I didn't fit in. A nationwide search is now going on for my replacement.

Nicole Simpson's killer will be found in less time.

Anyway.....I decided this little blog would be a nice idea to pass the time...or it could be the worst idea I've ever had. Back at KWNR, I was told not to blog my thoughts on things, but to post, you know, "Pop culture nuggets". Bears that bowl, a baby who can burp "Stairway to Heaven", important stuff like that. I tried for about two weeks before becoming rabidly disinterested.

So, this page will go toward furthering what I originally wanted my personality page to be. You won't agree with everything on it (even though you should), but what goes up stays up. I doubt my entries will be that lengthy because just typing this one out has my back killing me.

Next time up, a look at what happened prior to 12/3, and my thanks to those listeners and friends who have somehow found me sitting on the (S)crapheap, rubbing my dog's belly.

I promised my wife I'd unload the dishwasher tonight and she'll be home in 10. Gotta go.

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