Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Better Day

I really think that if the term existed when I was growing up, I would've been labeled "ADD". My mind is constantly going. Even as I type this, I'm three paragraphs ahead. Wait. Now I'm at the beach. Hold it. I wonder what my brother's niece has a birthday in two weeks. Gotta shop.

See what I mean?

I see that it takes a family crisis to get me to focus. My mom was diagnosed with a cancerous lymph node, and met with doctors today. She'll be having a petscan (an all-over body scan) on Friday, and then a bone marrow biopsy (ow) on Monday. Results of both those tests will be known on Tuesday. The doctors are optimistic, and so my mom sounded a heckuva lot better today.

Nevertheless, it's all I've thought about since Monday night. I'm not concerned about my job situation. Not a bit. No. It really hasn't entered my head in the past two days. My head is as clear as it's been in weeks. I hate that it takes a situation like that to produce clarity, but at least now I know I can do it.

I feel fat. Ah, here I go again..

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