Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Change of Direction

Got back from San Diego yesterday. As expected, it was great, other than not finding any place to park. No one ever seems to be in a bad mood down there. I only got gestured to once while out there, and that was from a driver in a car that had Nevada plates. Figures.

Not thinking much about the employment situation today. My mom recently had minor surgery to remove a swollen lymph node. At the time of the surgery, she was told that there didn't seem to be anything abnormal about the node. Several days later she received a call from the doctor.

It was malignant.

Malignant. What a horrible word. There aren't many words that can NEVER have a positive spin put on them, but I think that malignant fits into that category. Now there's always a chance that whatever cancer is there was confined there and hasn't spread. My parents are very good about taking care of themselves. They seem to go to doctors as often as I go to casinos. She's meeting with an oncologist and blood specialist today to go over things.

There are certain stages in life when you start to prioritize things. It seems with each passing decade, you rearrange those priorities. Have fun in your 20's, settle down in your 30's, career/family in your 40's & 50's and retirement in your 60's (if you've saved enough). The past month and a half for me has been wondering what the future holds for me in the job market, be it in Las Vegas or elsewhere. Today, I really don't care about that. Priorities have changed. What's important has changed. Don't get me wrong, my family has always been important to me. We've just never had huge health scares to really make me think about how I'd feel if they were gone.

In the meantime, I sit at home and wait for my mom or dad to call. What a helpless feeling, just sitting here. Radio can wait.

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