Thursday, July 16, 2009

Yes You Did

I didn't sleep very well. The dog got me up in the middle of the night, after after he was done with his business I just laid in bed and thought of how things have changed in the past 8 months. A "stimulus package" passed, voted on by people who didn't read it. We're on the way to passing clean energy and health care overhauls. Not reforms. Complete overhauls. Huge stories with ramifications for generations to come, if we even get that far. The international situation is as tense as ever. We may get nuked, but at least I'll die recycling.

It doesn't seem like many people know what's going on. None of the "Most Read" stories on have to do with stimulus, cap and trade, health care, Sotomayor, or international tensions. The most popular story is about the murder of a Florida couple that had 18 kids. There are a couple of Michael Jackson items as well. Interesting stories if only for their macabre value. The show hosts I listen to atwork constantly pontificate about how the people have to do something to stop what's happening before it becomes law. I think lawmakers know that the people aren't going to do that, or they would've become lawmakers in the first place. People only care about their own little kingdom, and I get that, but I'm scared about how our indifference is going to finally come back to bite us.

In times of recession, people are always given advice to cut back on what they spend. Instead of having a couple of months reserve cash on hand, try to have as much as a year's worth. Save. Yet, our government continues to throw money around like they're Rip Taylor tossing confetti on the old "Gong Show". The deficit has tripled (or has it quadrupled?) since BHO took office. Imagine more massive spending on the health care overhaul. Industries will have to spend more to work "cleaner" and who do you think the costs will be passed to (BHO's comments that energy prices would "necessarily skyrocket" somehow got past everyone) ? Farmers will have to charge more for the goods they produce, and who's going to have to bite down on that nut? Me. And I've asked for none of this.

The whole concept of letting "the rich" pay for everything is a topic for another time (maybe). Lying in bed last night, not only was I worried, but angry as well. Not at BHO and his cronies. They're only doing what they said they would do. I'm angry at the voter who put him in office, who fell for the rhetoric, who decided that BHO should be President because "It's time" a minority took office. The Presidency has become yet another Affirmative Action job, with predictably disastrous results coming down the road. 

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