Thursday, July 2, 2009

I Love Kids. Really. I Do

Pumpkin said something interesting the other day. She said that for her next job, she's going to say we have kids. Kids are a great excuse not to work a full day. Rare is the day where she comes home and doesn't say that so and so had to take Caleb/Jenny/Loqueesha to the doctor, or pick them up from detention, or just do something kid-related that allowed them to get out of work a couple of hours early. And who has to pick up the slack? Pumpkin. She's tired of it, and I don't blame her.

If you think about it, the perfect employee is a non-smoker who doesn't have or doesn't want kids. They're generally healthier, more productive, and don't have other obligations that will pull them away from their hired task. If I were in a position to hire, that's what I'd look for. In this day and age, though, I'd be taken to court faster than Maverick wolfs down a Milk Bone. Today, offices are more "communities" than workplaces, with day care for the little ones, and contests for the most nicely decorated cubicle. The proliferation of PDAs means more and more of a blurring of the lines between home life and work life, which leads to lesser creativity and productivity. 

Pumpkin and I text each other several times a day, but that's it. I have a job to do and so does she. Nothing gets in the way of that. As a result- in Pumpkin's case at least-  this means shouldering the extra load of those (women) who have allowed their home life into their work space. Once again, responsibility is punished.

I'd go on, but my chest hurts and I'm sweating. That's not good. Still, I won't call off work. 


Jill H said...

Having kids certainly doesn't make your job easier. In fact, for those that have kids, getting out of work really isn't getting out of work. If you had some, you and Pumpkin would experience this. The easy part of my day is work now...

Also, Pumpkin has it pretty good at work, I have to say. She gets to work with a decent doctor and if she needs to come late or leave early for her own appointments, I think that has been granted to her.

In addition, when you hire people, you, unfortunately, cannot ask if they smoke OR if they have kids! It is against the law. And, who's to say they won't start after they hire you!

Just my can take it or leave it!

Mitchy said...

Hi Jill! Thanks for the comment, and for checking out the page!