Sunday, July 26, 2009

Don't Blame Me

I haven't posted very much lately. I've got things to say, but seeing as part of my job entails pounding away at a keyboard and constantly clicking a mouse, my home computer hasn't been a regular stop during non-work hours. Still, as I sat watching the Padres/Nationals game and realized there has to be a better way to spend my time. So...

I read an article this morning about the whole Erin Andrews affair. Ya know, the looker from ESPN who was videotaped while primping, nude, in her hotel room. It's in all the papers. Anyway, that's the problem. The whole tone of the article was what a voyeuristic society we've become and how "all of us" are to blame for the Andrews fiasco. Yep. You and me. We're at fault. I haven't seen the video and really don't want to. I'm a 43 year old man who's seen naked ladies in all shapes, sizes and colors. Seeing another set isn't going to turn into Bud Bundy. It's just not a big deal. I feel bad for Ms. Andrews and hope the punk that taped her gets his just desserts.

What bothers me the most is the media moralizing over how "we're all to blame". I first heard about the story while watching Channel 13's late morning news. They were appropriately horrified that one of their own had been exploited in such a way. I'm guessing their righteous indignation lasted close to three minutes. Then I saw stills from the video on the NY Post website. Every day, print, electronic, and viral media were all over it, and they were all uniform in their disgust. 

I'm still trying to figure out how the blame somehow lies at my feet. My exposure (for lack of a better term) to it came from the same media now lecturing me for my voyeuristic nature. I would not have known about the video's existence without them. They provide the sweets, then scold me for eating them. Nice.

I'm guessing a Doris Burke video wouldn't get nearly the same coverage.

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