Friday, April 3, 2009

The Gigs II

Not that really anyone but me cares about this list, but here are my gigs, from worst to best

(NOTE: I'm just going to keep this a Top Ten list by substituting the Mitch and Mark show for the Mitch and Roy show. Ok, on with it)

10) Mitch, Mark and natalie, KWNR Mornings, (late 2007)

It made no sense for KWNR to bring in a producer for the show, especially one that had no experience producing. Trying to include natalie in the show led to awkward breaks and tense exchanges. Of course, it never helped to think that they had brought in a girl to eventually replace one of the boys- namely, me. No good came out of it for anyone involved, and that includes the KWNR as a whole.

9) KWNR part-time on-air/production/runner/ etc etc (9/95-2/97)

My first job with KWNR was working on air on Saturdays from 7pm-12a and Sundays from, 2p-6p. This was back in the day when all radio was live and local. I had just moved up from Kingman to follow my girlfriend and it was a) nice to be in a big city again, b) incredible to actually be living in Las Vegas, of all places, and c) great to be on the radio in a big city like Las Vegas. Living next door to the station made a difference for me in that I was available at (almost literally) a moment's notice. KWNR was a giant back then, and to be part of that team was special. Plus, in Mark Stevens, Bob Bishop and Stunt Runt, I made lifelong pals. Not bad

8) KGMN, Kingman AZ, morning guy (8/94-8/95)

A job where I was truly out of my league. In fact, as I type, I can't even remember why I was offered the job. KGMN was a family owned station with a very small staff. My job was simply to helm the morning show from 6-10 every day. I had no idea what it took to do a morning show, and if I had any tapes from that era, I'm sure you'd be able to tell. If I discover any old tapes, I'll never tell. I dated a girl who was a meth addict, but that's a whole other entry or two.

7) KDWN Part-Time news reporter/anchor 

After a brief stint as the KDWN Super Commuter, I was offered a job in the news department to take the place of a reporter/ anchor who was leaving. I wasn't crazy about the job that was offered, but these days you have to show your versatility, so I took it. It led to such things as sitting in the jury box as OJ was sentenced, being on scene for a murder suicide on Thanksgiving morning, and being one of the first in the nation to report on the kidnapping of a local boy by a Mexican drug gang, a story that soon after went all the way to "America's Most Wanted". There were some cool moments to the job, but I always knew I wasn't a reporter type. I'll still wear the reporter blazer on occasion when one of them is away, but it's just not me.

6) KWNR Mornings with Mark and Mitch
I'm sure I laughed more than ever during this gig, but there was also almost an equal amount of stress and negativity. Yet, I'd work with the Big Fella again in a heartbeat. I think. Still, I felt more reactive than proactive during this phase, and after 8 years in the morning didn't feel like I should be standing on the sidelines watching. natalie was brought in next and it was the shove that followed the push. 

Ok, Top Five gigs next time. Cantcha just hardly wait???? 

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