Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Gigs

My best ideas seem to come to me either on my walks with Mav, or in the shower (alone). Considering how out of control and unpredictable radio has become lately, it got me to think (in the shower) of which of my gigs was the best. All gigs aren't created equal, and I realize that some of those times might be tainted by nostalgia. My list of gigs is as such, with the most recent first

1) Full Time Traffic Reporter, KDWN (1/09- present)
2) Part-Time News Reporter/Anchor, KDWN (6/08-1/09)
3) KWNR mornings with Mark and natalie (9/07-12/07)
4) KWNR mornings with Brooks and Mark (dates fuzzy)
5) KWNR mornings with Brooks (10/00-late '06)
6) KWNR mornings with Glennboy (6/97-10/00)
7) KWNR mornings with Roy West (2/97-6/97)
8) KWNR part-time DJ/production (9/95-2/97)
9) KGMN morning DJ (8/94-8/95)
10) KAAA/KZZZ jock/board op/production/engineer (2/93-8/94)

Ten gigs over four different stations. Gotta think about this one. Rankings to come. Isn't this exciting????????

Note: I forgot about the time that I spent working with only Mark Stevens on KWNR mornings, so that'll be included as well. Ok, that's 11 gigs on four stations over 16 years. Got it

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