Thursday, March 5, 2009

Greatful vs. Grateful

I'll leave for work in an hour. I never dread going. I like the gig, and I think the gig like me. There is one thing that's starting to wear on me, though. It's the programming. It's no fun.

I'm not saying that balloon animals have to come out of the speakers, but my station just isn't very much fun to listen to. There aren't very many lighthearted moments between 10a-6. First, Dr. Laura gets listeners who she's known all of the length of a phone call to change their lives. Then Jerry Doyle complains about Obama for three hours. Then Michael Savage complains about Obama (and pretty much everything else) for three more hours. At least Savage can talk topics other than politics. By the time I'm walking out at 6, I'm convinced there are going to be riots in the streets. I'm thinking the next logical move is to drive down Tropicana to the Gun Store and load up. I consider switching all my assets to gold, and turning my house into a bunker to protect me and Pumpkin from the inevitable war to come.

What's funny is that even though I agree with these guys ideologically (and with Dr. Laura's caustic approach), listening to this 8 hours a day can easily break one down. It hasn't done so with me, yet. Then again , I've only been in the traffic chair for two months. I'm grateful for what I have, but if all the predictions and postulates of the hosts come true, I (we) won't have anything much longer. 

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