Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another Round, Please

A rare evening post finds my in a decent mood. There's baseball on TV, the temperatures outside are pleasant, I just got back from a walk. Somehow a fly got in. I can hear it, but I'm having a tough time locating it to go in for the kill. Enjoy taunting me, fly, for it will be your last event.

It's amazing how, in two weeks time, America went from going to hell in a handbasket to on the turnaround. The Fed Chairman this week said he expected the "recession" to be over by the end of the year. He said things would start to get better. I have no idea what that means. You could ask ten people how things could get better, and probably get seven different answers (at least two would complain about their wife's constant nagging). I don't know what "better" would mean to me. I'm in a job (radio) that's never been known for job security, not even in the best of times. My favorite thing to do- twice each month- is turning my time sheet over. I'll be getting paid again.

The stock market has been up five out of six days, the longest such run in months. With it comes renewed optimism. This just goes to show how, if Americans lack anything, it's the ability to see beyond the past 30 days. We have a collected nearsightedness. The stock market is down in total points by 50 percent in the last year, but it's up this week. Whee! So what if most folks don't actually invest outside of the ever- rarer employer 401k? If the market is up, things must be getting better, right? Eh. Since 9/11/01, we've suffered exactly zero attacks on American soil, so I guess it's time to leave the doors unlocked, right? Certainly the Obama regime so far has given every indication that national security is a secondary (or less) concern when compared to, you know, building trenches or creating solar powered baby strollers.

The Salvation Army saw a ten percent increase in donations is spite of a "recession ravaged" economy. I wonder how that's going to be spun. Maybe it will be reported simply as the good news that it is. That would be a nice change. Change I can believe in.

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