Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Don't Know What To Title This

That does it. I have to start being more like "Sully". "Sully, formally known as Chesley Sullenberger, is the unflappable US Airways pilot that brought his crippled jet down in NYC's Hudson River after birds took out the two engines. I was doing some light reading this morning and came upon this story, which had a passenger's perspective on the aftermath. Here's a clip:

O'Donnell praised Sullenberger's leadership, saying he talked with passengers and crew after the landing and that he'd even remembered to take the aircraft logbook with him.

She said Sullenberger asked her if she wanted to join the crew at the hotel, and that she accepted, as she had lost her wallet.

"He immediately pulled out his wallet and gave me $20. His concern for me when he had so much else to worry about was amazing," O'Donnell said.

HE PULLED OUT HIS WALLET AND GAVE HER 20 BUCKS! Has there ever been anyone as smooth? 

Do you really think Sully would freak out if one of his traffic breaks didn't record? Do you really think Sully would lose it if his pipes froze on a wintry morning? Do you really think Sully would crumble if his outdoor drip system was leaking? Do you really think Sully would become unglued when his team gives up five in the 9th?

I do all of those things. I shouldn't, but I do. It's just silly. I need to be less silly, more Sully.

Do you really think Sully would get annoyed because the font on his blog changed and he can't get it back to what it was?


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