Thursday, February 5, 2009

Facebook and Friendships

I have a page on Facebook. It's a fun little site for me. I have 66 friends. I probably stay in semi-frequent touch with five of them. I've seen some people with over five hundred friends, which is both fraudulent and ridiculous. Nobody has that many friends, at least according to my definition of what a friend is. I can see how people get hooked on pages like this, but for me, it's merely a welcome diversion from mapping out where the accidents are. Plus, I've re-connected with a couple of people who I've genuinely missed, so I guess I'm glad I'm a Facebook guy. 

There's a list that's making the rounds on Facebook entitled, "25 Random Things". I guess 30 was determined to be too many. Anyway, you get an invite from one of your "friends" to write 25 things about yourself. I've been asked four times now. Don't expect to see it. I've read some lists and there's some really personal stuff on there. Others just use it as a joke, and I think that's how it should be. I've gotten personal in this blog, but I consider this more private than a Facebook listing. On days I'm really down, it's been a nice outlet to release my frustrations. It was a perfect way to vent after getting fired. Still, I don't want everyone in Facebookland to know every little thing about me. This may sound arrogant, but I don't think the Facebook community deserves to know 25 things about me. You learn more by listening than by talking, and with Facebook, you learn more by reading than by writing.

I really think I have Adult A.D.D. There, you got a freebie.

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