Sunday, February 22, 2009

Good Mornings and Goodbyes

Sunday's are always more introspective for me, especially when the skies are cloudy and Pumpkin is off at her parents' house. Just me and the dog. As I was walking Maverick around and had yet another "good morning" greeting returned with stone silence, I got to thinking about something Pumpkin had said.

She really wants to move away from Vegas. I think that's her number one wish. Ok, that and no more car payments. She's always looking at where she wants to go. San Diego, Wisconsin, Boston (yeah, that's a new one). It's almost to the "anywhere but Vegas" stage with here. Her main reason for wanting to leave is that people just aren't nice here. That's it. She wants to move to a place where people are nicer. 

As I was blown off by my fellow Central Park Estate-ian this morning, I got to thinking- I bet this woman isn't from here. In fact, the last answer you'd ever expect to get when asking a Las Vegas resident about where they're from is, "I've lived here all my life". The few I do know that are natives are pretty nice people. Decent, sociable.  Nice. The people that I seem to have a problem with, the people that act like jerks, the people that drive like maniacs- all seem to have moved here from somewhere else. Therefore, it stands to reason that moving away will not solve Pumpkin's quest of finding people who are nicer. For all we know, people moved to Vegas because wherever they lived prior, the people weren't nice. I've never heard of a case where someone moved from one city to another because people in the old city were just too darn nice. Thus, moving away to find someplace "nicer" is a pointless pursuit.

Good thing this is introspective. Telling this line of logic to Pumpkin might lead to a quiet Sunday of a much more uncomfortable sort.

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