Sunday, November 2, 2008

Vision Quest

Six days and no new posts? Inexcusable. Sorry about that. Honestly, I thought about posting, but the topics would just be rehash of things I've stated before. I'm finding that I'm either tired of everything, or bored with everything. The only section of the paper I read today was the comics. I'm a news guy that's burned out on the news. Not good.

Anyway..something's going on with my vision. It's happened over the past day or so. I'm having a real hard time seeing things close up. Newspapers, text messages..I have to hold it arms length to read it. I told Pumpkin about it, and it may mean that I'm entering the phase of my life when I might night reading glasses. Either that, or I've had a small stroke. Even as I type, the keyboard seems blurry to me.

So far today, I've only received one phone call- wait...two- related to Election Day. One of the calls was to remind me that Election Day was Tuesday. Now, I've been as nice as I can with these people, but if you're going to choose to call me during the 4th quater of a close Packers' game, you going to get some heat. The gal on the other end seemed pleasant enough, saying "I just wanted to remind you that Tuesday is Election Day, and it's...." I didn't know which side she represented and it really didn't matter. Me- "Do you REALLY think I need to be reminded that Tuesday is Election Day? I've gotten 212 calls since November 1st reminding me of this. I know when to vote, I know where to vote and I know who I'm voting for. I got it. Don't you think that if you've registered to vote, you'll know when the big day is (ok, that's debatable)? Since you got my name off a voter registration list, could you not access the fact that I've voted in all primary and general elections since 2006? Tell ya what.. give me your number and I'll call you later when it's more convenient for me, ok?"

She didn't like that idea. Still, that was the last call I got. Maybe word got out.

I'm really worried about this vision thing. I don't think it's serious, but Pumpkin always comes home with tales of people who waited too long to visit the eye center, and the damage can't be reversed. Maybe I just need reading glasses. It's just getting blurrier. Too weird. Honestly, this has happened over the past 24 hours.

So Election Day is Tuesday. I think Election Day is the only major "event" day that gets less and less exciting the closer it gets. It's exciting when someone gets nominated. It's kind of interesting when the Vice Presidential picks come it. Then it's all spinning, and debating, and charges and rebuttals and ugly hats and the dull bell of boredom rings on and on and on. I'm going to be happy when it's over, but there's a growing dread that I'll regret it ever happening.

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