Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pumped Up

I haven't felt too inspired to write lately. It's just a slow time. For many, the holidays are the most hectic time, but the opposite seems true for me. Not a lot happening right now.

One of the nice things about being unemployed was that I didn't have to pay that close of attention to the news of the day. I would still glance at the paper and watch an occasional newscast, but neither Maverick nor those grunting over a weight stack (my two main groups for company during that time) were good audiences to talk about what was going on. Now that I'm back on the news side, I have to watch and read every item, piece, article and feature. It's not too much fun.

Particularly this year, watch for stations to go out of their way not to show too many favorable stories. Oh sure, you'll have your heartwarming stories of people helping people, but I think because we're in the middle of The Great Depression 2.0, God Forbid that TV actually shows us things to be happy about.

Example: Gas prices. I know I've written about this before, but indulge me. The average price of gas in under $2 a gallon. This was unthinkable, even as little as one month ago. Great news right? No. Instead of giving me a story about a family that can now afford to travel to see their ill parents, we have the tried and true Q&A of people at the local Gas and Gulp telling the plucky reporter that they can't go anywhere because they lost their job. The positive begets the negative.

Another positive about not working was- if I chose - I could have gone wherever I wanted. I went to San Diego for a whole week, and SD isn't exactly on the top of the list for cheap getaways. A whole week! And I didn't regret a minute. The fact that I didn't go more places probably had to do less with my reluctance to go, and more with Pumpkin not having any vacation time. That poor schlub at the gas pump should be happy he's not working. Combine that with the low price of gas, and that guy can go anywhere he wants! The irony is, because I have a job, I'm not going anywhere for Thanksgiving.I have to work.

I can see it now. "Tonight on News 3- Sacrificing Thanksgiving for money. One woman's story of how she's missing the holiday to provide for her family". That's right. It'll become bad news TO HAVE A JOB! Just wait for it.

Nice to be back.

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