Monday, November 3, 2008

The Obvious vs. The Oblivious

I spent the better part of the morning at a "Change We Need" rally featuring Michelle Obama. Five hours of hanging out with people I'm the ideological opposite of. It was an assignment for KDWN, go cover the "event", and put a report together. Media had to have their stuff set up by 9:30am, but the event didn't begin until 11:30am. Lots of time for little radio guy to kill. I walked around and asked the simple question, "Why are you voting for Barack Obama?"

The answers I got mostly mentioned the magic word "change". A couple mentioned how the US would be more respected if Obama was president. Some said Obama would help us heal as a nation, and that he'd be a better "consensus builder", whatever that means. In other words, no real specifics, only glowing generalities. Oh, one guy said McCain wasn't right for "these times". I don't know. If we're at war, which we are, don't we want someone with experience fighting (and winning) wars? No? If we're attacked again, the economy will tank to such a degree that it'll make this so-called "New Depression" we're in look like the Roaring 20's. The most important thing for a strong economy is a secure nation, yet because we haven't been attacked in seven years, most have forgotten. That's probably what is most frustrating to me; the biggest threat isn't seen as the most important issue.

Mrs Obama- who's lovely, by the way (really)- talked economics today. She said 95 percent of the middle class will get a tax break. Then, she went on to say that Barack will oversee great renovations in health care and education. "people can't be denied quality health care". "Everyone who wants to go to college will get to go to college". How all this is going to be paid for while the middle class gets tax breaks is gonna be some kind of trick. Another doozy will be if jobs can be created while taxes are increased on individuals and businesses making over 250k. Good luck with that. Maybe that's why people abroad are so Obama crazy. They'll get the jobs that will no doubt be going overseas.

Ah, it's fun isn't it? Tomorrow's assignment has me at Republican headquarters as the results come in. I fear that's gonna be one damn quiet room.

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