Friday, July 25, 2008

Wheel Of Topics

After over analyzing my recent string of "good mood days", the only conclusion I can come to is that my mood is directly affected by the fortunes of the sports teams that I root for. Currently, the Milwaukee Brewers are the hottest team in baseball, winners of 8 straight. They haven't lost a game in 13 days, and my elevated mood seems to coincide with that. I'll tell you that Pumpkin will affirm that I'm not nearly as chipper when a losing streak is going on. A Packers loss takes days to get through. Why do the outcomes of these games matter so much to me? Who cares! Everyone's talking playoffs, and there haven't been expectations for the Brewers in 20 years. Last playoff appearance: 1982. I've been there through the bad times, so I get to especially relish the good times.

Now that that's solved, let's briefly touch on politics. Barack Obama is on a European leg of a tour that recently had him going through the Middle East. I'm surprised I haven't seen rock concert-style t -shirts with dates and tour stops written on the back. I'm guessing they'd be big sellers. I think the media treated this with the weight it deserved, but there's a central point that seems to be missing. The focus is on his first trip overseas, and how he handles everything. Are we ready for a president who's making his first trip overseas just four months before the election? Before July 1st, Obama had been to the Middle East the same amount of times as me. Come to think of it, he's sponsored the same amount of bills as I have. Anyway, I didn't see much of anything over this tour that either impressed me or disappointed me. When most things are staged, this has to be the expected result. Play it safe. My dental hygienist likes Obama because he "talks really well". I'm guessing she has 23 sets of encyclopedias in her home (because, you know, she's easily sold? Ok), but because she had sharp instruments in my mouth as she said this, I had no choice but to gurgle and nod.

Oh, and don't be impressed that 200 thousand people showed in Germany for one of his speeches (which was bookened by two major concerts). Considering Germany's contributions to world peace, the fact that they overwhelmingly support Obama should be troubling to the average American.

Quickly to the economy. Good news! Regular unleaded is dropping below $4 a gallon, and it's being treated in some places like it's V-J Day. Proof positive that no matter what is thrown at us, people will adjust in time. One year ago, a gas station would've been burned down if the price was $4 a gallon. Now the station owners are treated like conquering heroes. $3.97 a gallon? Cool! I guess things aren't that bad after all, eh?

Not as long as the Brewers keep winning.

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