Thursday, July 10, 2008

Resting and Restless

Slow morning out on the roads today. As KDWN's new "SuperCommuter", I'm dispatched to accidents, mostly those along the freeways. Once I'm on scene I'm able to give the fellas back at base camp a clearer picture of how bad the accident is and how it's affecting the flow of traffic. Slow days for me mean that the drivers are doing well, so it's kind of ghoulish that I actually hope for crashes. Truthfully, it makes the morning go by faster if I'm being sent somewhere than if I'm just driving loops around the valley. There wasn't much to speak about this morning. My main concern this morning was figuring out how I can bring both water and coffee into the van with me. There's only one cup holder. This could be a problem. I need the coffee on a day like this.

There's rejoicing in Las Vegas over the cool weekend ahead. Upper 90's are forecast, with a chance for rain. Still, though the temps get cooler theoretically, it's more uncomfortable with the increased humidity. Plus, the rain brings out the inner "idiot driver" in all of us, making my gig much more dangerous. Pumpkin and I had a talk about our future in this town over the weekend. We've agreed to stay here until the end of the year, and then start giving serious consideration to heading north to Wisconsin. We'd just kind of thrown it around casually like a backyard game of catch, in the past. Now, it's time to get serious. By 1/1/09, I'll have more of a fix on this new job of mine, which is currently part-time. Pumpkin likes her job, but is in no way married to it.

We both realize this is probably a reaction to the hot weather, something we've really grown to dislike. The next five months will mean the weather here eventually cools off and becomes pleasant, while the weather in Wisconsin turns bitterly cold and snowy. Will our attitude change in December, when it's 70 here and 15 there? Is it more than just the weather? It has to be, right? I don't think anyone who's lived here or there will deny that the quality of life for the average Nevadan pales in comparison to the average Wisconsinite. I'm learning through recent trips back there that there are/were so many things I didn't know existed. In Las Vegas, the only different things I seem to do is change where I gamble.

Pumpkin works with a couple of gals who have just been able to pick up and move, and I envy that. Funny how I, as a radio guy, don't seem to have that in me. Maybe I just need to try it and see if it's me.

And, as a Wisconsinite, yes I'm tired of the whole Brett Favre story. Point: Las Vegas.

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