Sunday, January 25, 2009

Two Walks, 24 Hours, and 13 Different Moods

Sunday, 7:30am...

Sometimes little things can just ruin my whole day. I love Sunday mornings. Maverick and I always go for a walk around 7am, rarely seeing anyone along the way. We'll hear the occasional dog bark in the distance, but the most excitement is when Mav finds the exact right bush on which to pee. This only happens about 20 times every walk. Anyway, this morning is different in that we encounter two people: a  young Asian woman on a power walk and a yuppie-ish lady who's not enjoying the walk to the mailbox through the stiff northerly winds.

Maverick is a very friendly dog, but because he's a rottweiler, people mistake his enthusiasm for a budding attack. I don't blame them thinking this. Still, if he were like that, I certainly wouldn't take him for walks around the neighborhood.  I encounter the Asian gal first. I give a nice "good morning". I get nothing back but a small crap-eating grin. No verbal greeting is offered back. maybe she didn't speak English., but "hello" shouldn't be that hard to understand. I'll take a nod of acknowledgement over a stupid grin. My mood starts to turn blue, just like that

Monday, 7:45 am

Got interrupted and couldn't finish yesterday's post. 24 hours later, it's impossible to re-capture exactly what I was feeling at the time. Just got back from another walk. No one out. Strange because it's Monday. Yesterday felt more like a workday than today does, yet there are no signs of life. Somehow, I'm in a better mood because I didn't see anyone. Who's problem is that? Mine, because I'd rather be alone, or theirs because they've seemingly made me this way?

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