Monday, January 5, 2009

The Great Escape

One of my favorite movies is "Traffic". One of the scenes shows Benecio Del Toro's character, Javier Rodriguez Rodriguez, and his undercover partner digging their own graves after being taken by some drug thugs, When they're done digging their graves, they stand up, and the two thugs in turn stand behind them. The killers draw their weapons and put them at the back of cops' heads. A shot fires. Del Toro's partner falls dead, into a grave of his own making. Del Toro's character is still alive. He has won the drug runners' trust. He survives.

Today, I felt like Javier. While others around me were terminated, I was retained, even given a job more to my liking. Half of the staff was either let go, or had their hours reduced. I was officially given full time status. It was (if there is such a thing) a minor miracle. I went to work today thinking that this was my last day. My last day in radio. The beginning of the end of my stay in Las Vegas. Instead, it may be the beginning of something that I'd like to do for quite some time. Or at least until the next round of budget cuts.

The pipes also thawed, and are working fine. I stood in the shower for 15 minutes, just thinking about the events of the day. Hot water feels amazing after you've been on ice

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