Monday, January 5, 2009


You would think that if you live in a place that gets to 115 degrees in the summer, that your pipes couldn't freeze in the winter. Not in Vegas, baby. I'm dealing with some frozen pipes this morning. I'm getting a little dribble of water out from time to time, so I don't think it's going to be disastrous, but it's still an added burden that I just don't need. 

I'm pretty sure I'm getting laid off today. I'll be a budget cut victim. Several members of the station, including me, have individual meeting with the boss this morning. This is followed by a general staff meeting at noon. My meeting is scheduled for 11:30, yet I'm supposed to start work today at 10. If I'm right, this means I will be waiting for my meeting time while employee after employee goes in to get their walking papers. I'm the lamb being led to the slaughter, the cow that stands in line to be butchered.

Sure, there's a chance that something else could happened. My hours could simply be reduced. I could be offered someone else's job, albeit in a lesser capacity. Still, I think today's the day my radio career in Las Vegas comes to an end. My pipes aren't the only thing that's frozen. Right now everything is on hold and nothing is out of the question

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