Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow Day

I just came in from shaking a ton of snow off of my trees in the back yard. I don't know if they can be saved. You don't landscape a Vegas back yard thinking that six inches of snow is going to fall. Maybe I should do that next time. Who knew? Certainly not the weather people, who are great at telling me it's going to be sunny 7 days in a row, but totally miss the biggest snow event in 29 years (although they did say that areas above 3,000 feet would get at least five inches. Way to go, guys!).

It's still snowing as I write. It began roughly 5 hours ago. I now realize that my nostalgic feeling for snow was badly misguided. I don't mind it when I'm sitting inside the house, but otherwise there's nothing good about it. It took me an hour to get home from the dentist, a trip that usually takes 20 minutes. Pumpkin's car isn't designed for snowy travel, and I'm nervous about her drive home. My aforementioned trees are at risk of dying, meaning more money wasted on the backyard. The early drive tomorrow will no doubt be slick and dangerous. I don't know if what I've driven on today has damaged the under body of my car, but I wouldn't be surprised if it did.
In the tradition of disgruntled Iraqis, I almost threw a shoe at the TV a few minutes ago. They featured a five year old kid enjoying the "joy and wonder" of the snowfall. Here's what that kid needs to do: Grab a shovel and get to work. Nothing takes the "joy and wonder" away from snowfall like having to clean it off, shake it off, dry it off, and pay it off. Look at the snowball he made!!! Give him a broom, for Kringle's sake!

I'm just cranky, and using the blog to get it out, instead of getting on Pumpkin for a dumb reason like her loving snow.

Breaking News: Southwest Airlines just canceled all their remaining flights out of McCarran for the night. I wonder how that kid would feel about the "joy and wonder" of snow if it caused him to sleep at the gate for the night.

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