Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Inside The World of "Pessimistic Guy"

I'm having grilled cheese and soup tonight. I like grilled cheese and soup. I'm not having grilled cheese and soup because of the bad economy. I'm having it because I like it.

I was listening to an interview with Jay Leno on NBC's Nightly News show. In fairness , I came in late so I don't know the exact context of why this was said, but Leno will be doing a show five nights a week in prime time once his "Tonight Show" gig ends. He responded to some question from Brian Williams, saying that "people are going to bed earlier because of the bad economy".


That has to be the most preposterous thing I've ever heard, and I really wish I would've heard the full context of why he said it. Going to bed early because of the bad economy? I go to bed early because I have to get to a job in the morning. If the bad economy forced me out of a job, I could hang out at a 24 hour Dunkin' Donuts until they run out of crullers and never have to worry about when I turned in. Ridiculous.

Here's my day as seen through the eyes of "Pessimistic Guy"

Up at 3am- I'd like to sleep later, but fear for my job means I have to get up at such an early hour so I don't get canned.

Should I get gas? Not at 3:45am. I might get robbed by someone who lost their job....because of the bad economy

I pack my breakfast and lunch...because I can't afford to eat out ....because of the bad economy

I take a nap when I'm home....to escape the pain of the bad economy

I walk my dog...because driving him to the park means buying gas that I can't afford....because of the bad economy.

The thermostat is set to 72....to keep my power bill down. Ok, that actually makes sense. Never mind.

The plan tonight: watch some TV....because going out to dinner/movie is too expensive... because of the bad economy (not to mention the drive, the gas, etc..)

I go to bed early...to escape more news of the bad economy.

My reasons for doing all of the above are completely different from what I've stated, but it just goes to show you that every act can be framed in a negative way.

(after dinner)

My stomach hurts a little. Probably from the pangs of guilt that I feel from being able to enjoy such a fine meal while so many others go hungry....because of the bad economy. Either that, or my milk went bad.

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