Monday, September 22, 2008

Race to the Finish

This was too easy to predict. I wrote earlier that if Barack Obama loses in November, it will be attributed to the fact that he's (half) black. Nothing else will matter. It looks like that excuse is already being used now, as John McCain moves to the lead in some polls. A new study from Stanford University says that whites may be less likely to vote for Obama because of their negative views of black in general (no such study was done to ask blacks their opinion of whites, but I surmise it would be low, and somehow justified in the media). The study said that even if whites voted for Obama in the primary, they may not follow through with the same vote come general election time. So there you go. The only reason for an Obama loss will be attributed to racism.

What's never brought up is why blacks vote for Obama. It sure appears to me that blacks are more likely to vote for Obama because of the color of his skin than whites are to vote for McCain because of the color of his skin. In that case, the votes of blacks are more race based than the votes of whites. This is NEVER brought up. Anywhere. Plus, the fact that Obama is even the Democratic nominee has much more to do with the color of his skin than any legislative record. Ergo, his entire success is base on race. Fascinating to think that racism will be given as the cause for his defeat (if that happens), while at the same time, racism is directly responsible for his success.

Meanwhile. the ascent of Sarah Palin and the sheer amount of mean-spiritedness directed towards her only goes to further prove that there's nothing women hate more than...a successful woman.

Even though it's what they all strive to be.

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