Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Sorry for the delay. I promise more postings this week. Whether they're dealing with radio or not remains to be seen.

Sunday morning. The absolute best time of the week. It's nice and quiet in the house. Pumpkin's asleep. Maverick is circling me, looking to go for a walk. I've already been out on the back patio, fetching furniture and pillows that had blown away in last night's windstorm. Thankfully, there's no Packer game to get nervous about this day.

I've been fighting a bit of a funk this week. Mentally, not physically. Tomorrow marks three months since I was dismissed. Three months. It feels like it was much, much longer ago. I'm still finding things to do to keep busy, but even that routine (going to the gym, seeing a movie, taking Maverick to the park) has gotten, well, routine. A friend of mine suggested taking some road trips, to Laughlin, Mesquite, Pahrump, San Diego. I told him that while it's not a bad idea, the LAST thing that I need is more time by myself. That's the only thing I have in great abundance right now.

Being alone on a Sunday morning sure feels different from being alone on a Tuesday afternoon.

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