Monday, March 10, 2008

A Pleasant Valley Monday

In the last three months or so, I've lost my job, my Mom has been diagnosed with lymphoma (prognosis is excellent) and Brett Favre retired. At least my colonoscopy was performed at the one place in southern Nevada that hasn't been shut down by the health district. Not yet.

It's a very quiet Monday morning here at the house. Pumpkin just left for work, Maverick is laying at my feet, knowing that he's just moments away from walking around the neighborhood. Coffee's up. Newspaper is ready to be devoured.

I slept horribly last night, a lot of tossing and turning. I've had fewer "down in the dumps" mood swings as of late, but last night I was just plagued by all sorts of self doubts. Pumpkin and I have started seriously exploring the possibility of moving back to Wisconsin. The weather that they've had there this winter should, if anything, push me far far away from going back, but it's actually done the opposite. It doesn't hurt that I can find twice the house for half the price. I'm now not just concerned with getting a new job, but also with a possible move halfway across the country. I'm pretty much taking on two of the most stressful scenarios head-on.

Stocks are down. Again. Oh well. Just look at it this way: stocks are on sale. When my favorite pairs of jeans are half off, I stock up. When stocks are down, you write a check. Simple, simple stuff. I keep hearing the economic "experts" fearing that we may be in the throes of a recession. Beautiful. If history is any indicator (and it usually is), periods of recession- which usually last anywhere from nine months to two years- are followed by times of great economic prosperity. Fear a recession? I don't understand why we're not welcoming it with open arms.

Alright, a rottweiler with a wish to go for a walk can only be denied for so long. Time to brave the elements.

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