Monday, February 25, 2008

Now What?

The title of this post doesn't refer to my job future, but to my blog future. The blog (I hate that word) was established to tell my story about my dismissal from KWNR. With my last post, that mission is essentially accomplished. I gotta tell ya, that last post really drained me. I've spoken with dozens of people about the events of December 3rd, but I'd never typed it out in detail like I did on the last post. To me, it was like taking a kick to the groin with a steel-toed shoe. I was upset, I was winded, I was depressed, and I was angry. I never anticiapted this blog to be cathartic, and if anything, typing out the hows and whys of the day I got dismissed had the opposite effect.

Do I continue to blog about my situation? How about my take on the radio industry? Or, how about just anything and everything- a freewheeling view of my twisted mind roaming the contemporary media landscape (in an election year, no less!)? Option One seems too self-indulgent. Option Two would probably be treated with great indifference. Option Three? Anyone with a thought in their head and a keyboard in their lap sounds off on every conceivable topic, so mine would just be added to a group that can only be improved by subtraction.

I know of a couple of people who read this blog, but I stay in touch with them through e-mail, so they already know where I stand on things. I need to know who's out there. I need to know that this is being read, and that people want more of where I'm coming from. Call the need to be wanted an offshoot of not being wanted. Please post a comment if you want this to continue. I have a lot to say, and a lot of time to say it.


Dee said...

You are a witty, intelligent human being. Your insight and observations into current topics are intriguing and interest will build.

If it's not too stressful - Keep it coming!

girllookin4fun said...


Before I originally shot you a message that I was happy to see you still around I had never read a blog much less commented on one as I’m just not that person. However, I was curious enough about where you were to google and site wander until I had a good answer.

I can’t say I “enjoy” reading your blog as I hate what happened to you, but I do like knowing my “old friend” from my morning drive is still there to share a few thoughts from time to time. Whatever, you decide I wish you the very best.