Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Just Waiting...

It seems like a good time to post. Pumpkin won't be home in an hour, and I've got some down time. Laundry's almost done. I'm bordering on having a productive day.

I'm waiting for my mom to call. She was supposed to call by 3. It's almost 4:30. She's supposed to learn how bad the cancer is today. She was also supposed to learn yesterday. And the day before that. If the cancer doesn't get her, just the stress of what the diagnosis will be just might. I've tried calling her and the line is busy, so my concern is growing.

One of the advantages of having a blog is that you get to blow off some steam you otherwise might not have the opportunity to do. It was especially useful during my period of unemployment, where my dog was a good listener, but hardly an opinionated equal. I guess there's a bit of an advantage when it comes to personal stuff, too. My mom might call me and say her cancer is stage four and she has six months to live. That may happen this afternoon. Yet, I doubt that anyone can tell that I'm troubled, based on my outward appearance. That's where this helps.

It's kind of a private diary, but at the same time, it's open to anyone in the world that can connect to the internet. It presents my innermost thoughts in the most outwardly manner. Blogs make private moments public to all. Hopefully, those that read this can get all their updates here so I don't have to talk about very private things. I have no problems typing about things, just talking about them. In that way, this blog is invaluable.

Still no call.

That movie "Quarantine" looks pretty creepy, doesn't it?

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