Friday, October 24, 2008

Fascinating and Frustrating

So I'm sitting here in the newsroom, watching the wall of TVs. Early afternoon means that one TV is on CNN, another on Fox, and the rest are showing soaps. Sound muted on all. My attention turns to CNN and a recent poll they've done. There are so many new polls these days that they're almost rendered meaningless, but this one struck me.

97 percent of Black voters surveyed say they're going to vote for Barack Obama. 97 percent!! Never- neh-ver- is a story done about how blacks vote based on race much more than whites. If anything, the "old fashioned, closed minded, racist thinking" white voter is more likely to vote for someone outside of their race than blacks or Hispanics are. 97 percent. Staggering. Why isn't this talked about? OK, I guess CNN did talk about it, and that's why I saw the graphic, but I'm guessing it was spun as "more blacks are unhappy with the Republicans than ever" than actually addressing the obvious.

What's going to sweep Obama into the White House? White voters. What's going to keep Obama out of the White House? At least according to the media, white racism.

My head hurts.

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