Monday, August 25, 2008

First Days and Flip- Flops

It's the First Day of School so, yes, I have been "extra vigilant" on the roads. Funny how they make the FDoS sound like it's the first time in months that kids will actually be outside, like they're all getting out on work release. My streak of days seeing kids has to be in the thousands.

Gotta flip-flop here. In an earlier post, I wrote how I wouldn't mind seeing the USA basketball team lose because it would mean much, much more to the country that beat us. Watching the gold medal game against Spain changed my mind. I was actively rooting for the U.S., and at no time was I happy when Spain accomplished something positive. It just looked to me like winning the game and the gold meant a tremendous amount to Team USA, and the smiles on the gold medal stands proved it. It was actually moving to see the sincere amount of joy in their celebration, and I was proud that they were representing me.

Flip flopping isn't a bad thing, as long as your final flop lands in the right place.

NOTE- I would write a little about the Democratic convention, but then I would get sleepy, nod off, hit my head on the desk, knock myself out, fall, bleed all over the rug (though it's a Stainmaster), and Pumpkin wouldn't be home to summon medical help for five hours. In other words, I'd probably die doing it. So I won't.

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