Monday, April 28, 2008

Off The Board

I originally started this blog with the idea of telling the story behind my firing from KWNR, and commenting on the state of radio in general. However, if everyone is as bored with radio as I am (and judging from overall listenership, that's a good bet), then it would reach the point of diminishing returns for everyone involved. I hope you don't mind if I occasionally stray from assessing the airwaves. Like today, for example.

Six months away from the presidential election. Let that sink in for a moment. Actually, it's been one of the more interesting election campaigns in my memory. Let me state that I consider myself a Republican, as I ascribe to more of their views than the dems. Looks like McCain gets my vote.

It's unfortunate that we never seem to get the best candidates running for the biggest office. Then again, the best candidates are usually smart enough to avoid the rigors of the campaign trail. It's always easier to advise the Prez than to sit in the big chair. I thought Rudy Guiliani was the best candidate this election season, but his campaign was half-hearted at best. It's likely he'll get a nice position in the Cabinet if McCain wins office, and holding the clipboard on the sidelines is always easier than being the starting quarterback. Oh, the metaphors I can spin.

Speaking of spin, I get tired of hearing why I won't vote for someone. Look, I think very little of the average Amercian's knowledge when it comes to things like the economy, national security, and international relations. Maybe the overly simplistic reasons given for not choosing a candidate apply in some ways. I'd like to think we make our decisions based on the candidates opinions on the issues, but then I remember that we live in a country where it wouldn't surprise me if four years from now we have a political reality show where the winner just may win office. Maybe not four years from now, but definitely by 2020.

Barack Obama. We're told that if we don't choose Obama, it's because he's black. Never mind the inexperience, lack of foreign policy acumen and questionable relationships. It's all about skin color. What's ignored when race is brought up is that if retired General Colin Powell decided that he's been on the sidelines long enough and wanted the Oval Office, he'd win in a landslide. Of this, I have little doubt.

I want my country's leader to be strong. I don't want someone who pledges unity, change, conciliation. Just ask Europe what the policy of appeasement got them in the 1930's....and those were the days before Islamic fascism and nuclear proliferation. When you're nice to everyone, you will eventually get taken advantage of. When you're a kid, you'll get pummeled for your lunch money. When you're an adult, you'll miss out on a promotion. When you're a country....let's hope there's not an answer to that any time soon.

Hilary? We don't vote for her because she's a woman, right? It's that simple. McCain? He's old! Simple. At least that's what we're led to believe.

I don't need someone to take care of me and my family, but I do need an administration that will keep this country safe. I think it's remarkable that the country hasn't been attacked in some way since 9/11/01. Threats enter the country daily. I worry when I see polls that show that the number one concern of voters is high gas prices. Four or five briefcases is all that's needed to change that, I'm guessing.

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