Saturday, December 15, 2012

Circling The Drain

The unthinkable doesn't exist. Planes fly into buildings. A first grade class gets mowed down. Two kids hurl rocks at a cat giving birth, killing her and her kittens. Going to see "The Dark Night Rises" at a midnight screening gets you dead. Christmas shopping at the mall is interrupted by a hail of bullets. Nothing is out of the realm of possibility anymore. The bar keeps getting raised (or lowered). It won't stop. Sure, there may be a pause in the madness, but something new is coming.

When that happens we'll wring our hands. Bow our heads. Offer up our thoughts and prayers. Our gestures are meant to make us feel better, but in the end they mean nothing. Madness can't be stopped. Good may dominate the ground game, but Evil hits the big plays.

With the Connecticut school shooting still fresh in our minds next week, news shows will be filled with experts telling you what to tell your kids ("Please don't kill me when you grow up" would be a good start). Churches will be filled with flock looking for someone or something to believe in. We'll see funerals of the victims, cameras thoughtlessly showing us close-ups of grieving families. We'll hear from the shooter's family and friends, and no doubt they'll tell us that they had no red flags to indicate any such act was coming. It's all so damn predictable.

Two weeks from now you'll have forgotten all about it. That's ok. You offered up your thoughts and prayers

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